St. Lawrence Athletics, Utica Michigan, is a non-profit organization that promotes youth athletics, in accordance with Catholic teachings and the Constitution of the United States, for the youth of the St. Lawrence parish community. The St. Lawrence Athl

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St. Lawrence Athletic Frequently Asked Questions

While most questions can be answered by reading our St. Lawrence Athletics by-laws, however, below are questions that are frequently asked by parents:

  • What does CYO mean?
    • Catholic Youth Organization under the direction of the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit.


  • What grade-levels are eligible to participate in CYO St. Lawrence Athletics?
    • Depending on the CYO sport, most sports are offered for grades 5 – 8 with the exception of football which are grades 3-8 and cheerleading which are grades 3 - 8.


  • What sports are offered at St. Lawrence Athletics?
    • Fall: Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Soccer
    • Winter: Basketball, Cheerleading, Bowling
    • Spring: Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse


  • Who is eligible to participate in athletics at St. Lawrence?
    • St. Lawrence Athletics is under the direction of the pastor and its Parish Council. It is a parish-run program which means members of St. Lawrence and other Catholic parishes in the surrounding area of St. Lawrence are eligible to participate as long as they meet all the requirements of St. Lawrence Athletics.
    • Any person(s)  enrolled at St. Lawrence Catholic School


  • Are surrounding Catholic Parishes eligible to participate in St. Lawrence Athletics?
    • If any surrounding (per CYO guidelines) Catholic Parish does not have a specific sports program, a student is eligible to play for a St. Lawrence team. As long as the St. Lawrence team in which the child wants to play does not limit participation in the sport. Parents of this child are expected to pay all fees and participate as a full member within the Booster Club.
    • Eligible surrounding Parishes: St. Lawrence, St. Therese, St. Clement of Rome, St. Cyril and Methodius, St. Ephrem, St. Jane Frances de Chantel, St. Isidore, St. John Vianney, St. John and Paul, St. Louis, St. Mary Queen of Creation, St. Matthias, St. Michaels, St. Kieran, St. Paul of Tarsus, St. Peter, MC


  • What are the St. Lawrence Athletic requirements players have to meet?
    • รข€‹Must be a member of St. Lawrence or surrounding Catholic parish by the following dates:
      • Fall sports: May 1
      • Winter sports: July 1
      • Spring sports: Dec 1

                  No CYO player can be registered at more than one parish

  • Must have a valid physical on-file with St. Lawrence Athletics. A valid physical is one that is dated after April 15 of the previous school year. It is valid for the entire school-year. No exceptions.
  • Must be enrolled in a Catholic Religious Education (CRE) program. (if not St. Lawrence, a CYO A-form is required to be signed by the pastor AND CRE Director of that parish)
  • All requirements are verified after registration and before practices start.


  • Does St. Lawrence Athletics participate in any required fundraising?
    • Yes, each family must participate in the fundraiser of the season:
      •    Fall: Work two (2) 4-hour shifts at the St. Lawrence Applefest.  Families are also required to work shifts at home  games.
      •    Winter/Spring: Participate in the St. Lawrence Gala Dinner/Dance.  Familes are also required to work shifts a home games.
    • Participation is tracked by the Fundraising Coordinator on the Athletics Board.


  • What if my family does not participate in the required fundraising?
    • Each family will be invoiced a $250 non-participation fee (per fundraiser) for not partaking in the fundraiser(s). If not paid 2 weeks after the event is over, your child(ren) will be ‘benched’ from playing in any future practice or game until the invoice is paid.
    • That fee will then be added to any future registration in St. Lawrence Athletics if not paid-in-full by the next sport registration. The new registration will be deemed invalid until the non-participation fee is paid from the previous season.


  •  Are there ‘cuts’ for teams at St. Lawrence?
  • Although St. Lawrence Athletics tries to accommodate all eligible members with as many team offerings as we can, there are some instances where ‘cuts’ are necessary due to facility space. (ex: basketball)
  • In those instances, according to the by-laws that govern this organization, those outside of St. Lawrence School and Parish are exempt from trying out. (Requirement could be different for Boys and Girls depending on numbers registered for a particular sport.)
  • If there are still more members registered when only a limited number of openings on sponsored teams exist, ‘cuts’ will be made. St. Lawrence Athletics makes every effort to  delicately handle this sensitive subject and carefully discusses those ‘cuts’ face-to-face with the each individual player and coach involved.


  • Can I play other sports while playing sports for CYO St. Lawrence?
    • A student who, after participating in an athletic contest as a member of a CYO athletic team, participates in any athletic competition not sponsored by his/her parish in the same sport during the same season, is ineligible for CYO participation. This rule applies specifically to Junior High School, Middle School, Recreation Leagues, P.A.L. Teams, Michigan Youth Teams, AAU Leagues or Teams of any other organized league including organized neighborhood leagues. Any CYO team breaking this CYO rule will forfeit any games played with the ineligible player. No exceptions. This is a CYO mandate.


  • What is an athletic booster?
    • Any parent of an eligible child that participates in St. Lawrence Athletics is considered an athletic booster.


  • Does the Athletic Booster Club Board have regular meetings?
    • Yes. The Athletic board meets the second Wednesday of each month at St. Lawrence School @ 6 PM. All meetings are open to any booster member. All are welcome to attend. At times, the second half of the meeting may be closed so the board can discuss confidential matters concerning specific situations. However, the first part of the meeting will always be open to all booster members.


  • What is discussed at the monthly board meetings?
    • The meeting’s main goal is to review all open issues/concerns/updates on the current and future sports season, such as registrations, uniforms, pictures, etc…
    • The other main discussion is the budget and/or appropriation of funds for such things as athletic equipment, outstanding invoices, field maintenance, etc…


  • Who can I contact if I have additional athletic questions?
    • Send an email to   OR
    • Attend an athletic board meeting the second Wednesday of each month OR
    • Find the Athletic board members contact information on under the Contacts page.