St. Lawrence Athletics, Utica Michigan, is a non-profit organization that promotes youth athletics, in accordance with Catholic teachings and the Constitution of the United States, for the youth of the St. Lawrence parish community. The St. Lawrence Athl

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Here you can find all the financial happenings of St. Lawrence Athletics.

One of the St. Lawrence Athletic Board's goals is to responsibly manage all funds raised by the St. Lawrence Athletic Booster Community.  If any booster has questions regarding St. Lawrence Athletics' financial picture, you are welcome to attend our monthly athletic booster meetings held every second Wednesday of the month at 6 PM at St. Lawrence School.

•Income Funds of St. Lawrence Athletics:


  1. 1/3 of Applefest (split between parish-school-athletics),
  2. 1/2 of Gala (spilt between athletics - school) 
  3. 1/3 of Parishwide Raffle pulled at Gala: (split between parish-school-athletics),  
  4. All sports Registrations


Below is a list of big-ticket items the Athletic Board has recently allocated to not only benefit the athletic program but the school grounds, as well:
  • Yearly water bill for soccer field/baseball diamond ($5000+)
  • Renovations of DeKeyser bathroom
  • Renovations of Locker Rooms
  • Yearly refinish of gym floor
  • Upgrade lighting in gym
  • Re-sod back of playscape and soccer field
  • Reconstruct softball diamond/playscape underground plumbing
  • Trophy case in DeKeyser entrance
  • Plant trees, install brick-pavers and dugouts for baseball/softball diamonds
  • Purchase new Volleyball nets + drill holes in gym floor for additional nets
  • Allowed 8th grade to take over concessions to help with graduation costs
  • Donated funds to school Field Day
  • Helped pay for painting and Mustang Sticker in gym
  • New Scoreboards for Soccer, Baseball & Softball Diamonds (Completed May 2014)
  • Championship Banners to hang in the gym for all sports
  • Upgrade/replace Gym Bleachers (Completed July 2015)
  • Replaced Scoreboards in Gym (Completed December 2016)
  • Upgrade Gym with high performance, energy-efficient, LED lighting (Summer 2017)
  • Upgrade/replace the roof over the Gym (Completed August 2018) 
  • Upgrade Locker Room Facilities (Summer 2019 - Spring 2020)
Below is a list of some of the day-to-day operating expenses the Athletic Board must budget for each year
  • CYO-fee for each athlete per season ($10/athlete)
  • CYO-fee for each team per season ($250/team)
  • Officials for each home game/each season ($35/official)
  • Home Field rental (bowling, football, lacrosse)
  • New uniforms (soccer, softball, football, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, bowling)
  • Safety inspection and replacement of football and lacrosse equipment
  • Misc uniform and equipment purchases per sport per season (game balls, socks, whistles, coaches equipment, etc...)

Future plans:

Enlarge the shed between the baseball diamond / soccer field and softball diamond to accommodate a concession stand and additional athletic storage. 

CYO looks to St. Lawrence to host most of its major-playoff games (basketball, baseball, and softball) because of our reputation, and having one of the best facilities in CYO. It has been the work (both financial support and volunteering their time) of the entire athletic community that built that reputation over the years! Congratulations!!

A detailed financial picture of St. Lawrence Athletics has been placed on this page, above!